Bold Ranch

Robert & Annette Bold ~ PO Box 24, Winifred, MT 59489 ~ 406-462-5522

Our Cattle

Bold Ranch is an area leader in developing breeding cattle for Montana's beef industry.

 We custom feed breeding stock and grow breeding cattle for a number of customers in state and our of state. We breed and grow cattle for the high-end domestic and export markets such as internationally recognized Certified Angus Beef. In addition, we are an active member of the Montana Branded Beef Association which promotes Montana beef products and producers. MBBA gives customers the ability to know where their beef originates.

In addition, Bold Ranch is actively working with programs like the Montana Beef Network which aids in the breeding selection for the benefit of the consumer. Bold Ranch uses the Angus Association Angus Source which is a proactive program for beef animal identification. This is on of the voluntary pilot programs for a national animal identification program for the purpose of enhancing domestic and export market requests. Bold Ranch currently has cattle eligible for the export markest to Japan, as well as growth hormone-free cattle for the export markets to the European Union.

Bold Ranch