Bold Ranch

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Land Stewardship & Water Management

Conservation and Environmental Practices are one of Bold Ranch's primary missions to maintain a program of sound land stewardship. Bold Ranch utilizes nationally recognized Best Management Practices (BMP). We intend to pass on our natural resources in better condition than before. Without sustainable resources and water, we could not produce wildlife or quality cattle and grain our markest demand. Stewardship of our land ensures our future success.

Through years of experience and assistance from universities like Montana State University, Texas A&M, Montana Extension Service and government agencies such as the Department of Natural Resource, Farm Service Agency (FSA), Natural Resource & Conservation Service (NRCS), Undaunted Stewardship, Montana Fish Wildlife & Parks (MFW&P), Bureau of Land Management (BLM) and Montana Department of State Lands, we have been able to create a productive land base. 

Bold Ranch was one of the first farms in Central Montana to adopt no-till conservation practices, which conserves soil, water and aids in carbon sequestration. We also use range and forestation management practices, which includes grazing rotation and rest rotation. That enables grass species to prosper even during the driest of years, which improves environments and maximizes cattle numbers and wildlife populations.

Water is a limiting factor in Montana for agriculture and wildlife. Bold Ranch, however, has developed stock water ponds, artesian wells and water pipelines for the purpose of livestock and wildlife. This water development is a big draw for year round wildlife habitat, which aids in recreation and hunting.

Bold Ranch